My Services


Whether you are looking for some simple styling tips or a complete makeover, I have a range of services designed to ensure you look, but more importantly, feel your very best at all times.  I will help you to discover your inner style and how to project this, ensuring you reach your full potential in every aspect of your life.  I will provide you with practical solutions, giving you the confidence to achieve the look that complements your personality and lifestyle.

About Allyson

With 20 years experience in hairdressing, I have had a full and varied career from working in salons; freelance, to teaching in colleges. I decided to take this wealth of experience and combine it with my skills as a trained Image Consultant.
Like most people I have had times when my confidence was quite low, struggled over what to wear and wondered whether I was making the right impression. These experiences and my professional training, now place me in a position to help you overcome the same problems. I look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your personal outcome and discover the style that reflects you.

A Trained Image Consultant through Aston & Hayes – London’s Leading Image Consultancy & Image Training Centre Registered by the Federation of Image Consultants
I am also a Founding member ASIP- The Association of Stylists and Image Consultants


My services include:                              
Colour Analysis

During this process, the natural colouring characteristics of your eyes, hair and skin tone will be analysed. Once this has been determined you will be shown a palette of colours that will complement and enhance your complexion. Advice will be given on choosing the right colours for clothes, accessories and make-up, and how to create and build an effective, coordinated, working wardrobe. You will also be given a complimentary swatch book containing your recommended colours, which will provide you with detailed advice on combinations for clothes, accessories, hair and make-up ensuring success on all future shopping experiences.

Style Analysis

The purpose of this session is to help you understand your own body.  Your proportions, body lines, scale and facial features will be determined to identify garment options that will complement and flatter your figure. We will discuss fabric weights and prints that work with your natural shape and reflect your style preference. You will also receive a complimentary detailed booklet containing all the advice given during the session, to which you can then refer on future shopping trips. You will leave confident, with the knowledge required to now look and feel your very best at all times. 

Hair Styling 

Provide advice on the correct Hairstyle to suit your face shape. Advise on colours to complement your skin tone. 

Wardrobe Workout – A session in your own wardrobe 

A helping hand to remove all those outfits that simply never suited you, and advice on how to create new combinations and build your Capsule Wardrobe. Filling the gaps with clothes that can be mixed and matched ensuring you wear all your clothes all of the time! 

Personal Shopping 

Still unsure of what to buy or simply don’t have the time to go shopping. Then I can shop either for you or with you. With a detailed list and knowledge of your requirements all the stress and worry can be eliminated for you. I will pre select garments so all you need to do is choose your favourite pieces. Perfect for that holiday wardrobe or new season top up!


For all enquiries and to book your consultation go to contact  or  alternatively you can call 07725472827




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