Fit and Fab

Fit and Fab 

A  10-week lifestyle group programme designed exclusively for ladies


Ladies…do you want serious results seriously fast?

In just 10 weeks, with a top Personal Trainer AND Style Consultant combined, you can change your life by

 – Losing weight or body fat AND keeping it off for life WITHOUT dieting

 – Looking SLIMMER and losing inches from your hips and waist

 – Discovering your proportions and learning how to ACCENTUATE your body shape

– Using colour and patterns to elongate and COMPLEMENT your shape

 – Having MORE energy

 – Gaining MASSIVE self-confidence Group sessions meaning lots of support and fun.

This unique 10-week lifestyle group programme has been designed exclusively for ladies, providing exercise, healthy eating and styling, plus much more all in one exclusive programme.

During the 10 weeks, you will: Learn techniques and strategies from a top Personal Trainer AND Style Consultant, combined to give you a totally new and exclusive service.


Health and Fitness 

  • Discover how healthy you really are and what you can do to increase your chances of living a long, healthy life. 
  • Learn how to exercise effectively in the shortest possible time (from as little as 12 minutes a day) plus the true health benefits of exercise. 
  • Discover why strength training is essential for burning body fat. 
  • Gain access to a variety of exercise workouts you can do in your own home. 
  • Learn how to eat balanced, healthy meals and snacks without the need to diet – in fact, you will never go on a diet again! 
  • Learn how to make tasty dishes with our top, easy to prepare recipes. 
  • Learn what you should really put in your shopping trolley for ultimate health. 
  • Understand portion sizes and why you should eat little and often. 
  • Learn how to stretch effectively to improve your flexibility. 
  • Learn how to have a flat stomach without the need for endless Sit-ups. 
  • Understand why water intake is essential and how much you really need. 
  • Identify ways to focus your mind so that you become more motivated. 
  • Discover the real benefits of sleep and how a lack of sleep can increase body fat. 
  • Discover why eating after exercise is crucial when it comes to losing body fat. 
  • Know which supplements can really help to keep you in top shape and good health. 
  • Learn the 7 key steps to a healthier and fitter you.


Image and Style 

  • Understand vertical and horizontal body proportions. 
  • Identify your body shape and personal style preference. 
  • Learn how to use horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines when dressing to create optical illusions. 
  • Learn how to choose the correct lengths of garments to complement your proportions. 
  • Discover how to balance your hips with your shoulders. 
  • Learn some tips to help disguise a full stomach and complement a larger bust. 
  • Understand how light/dark colours and large/small patterns help balance the body. 
  • Understand how to choose various colour combinations. 
  • Find out how/why/when to accessorize an outfit and change your look for specific moods and occasions. 
  • Learn the rules regarding scale and size when choosing shoes, handbags and jewellery. 
  • Discover creative ways to wear scarves and jewellery. 
  • Identify your own face shape and the principles of creating a hairstyle to complement. 
  • Learn how to create a capsule wardrobe. 

Have your photograph taken at the end of this fantastic 10 week programme by a professional photographer (included in the price).  

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