Client Testimonials

Valerie Palmer – Vanilla Print and Design

“I hired Allyson to advise me on the colours I should be wearing to suit me at a time in my life when I felt I had lost a bit of ‘me’. She made the whole process extremely enjoyable, easy to understand and fun. I now know what to look for when I go shopping and have asked Allyson to come back and advise me on the style of cloths I should be wearing now that I have lost some weight and my body shape has changed. So – for a confidence boost, an informative and enjoyable 2 hours and to make you feel and look great in what you wear – give Allyson a call, you won’t regret it.”

November 13, 2009

Dear Allyson,
Thank you so much for yesterday, I had a great day and really enjoyed the whole experience
It was a wonderful birthday present and I have come away with so many thoughts and ideas, I can’t wait to get started. I would like to say that you were brilliant and I loved that the whole thing was so personal to me. It was such  a relaxed and informative day I loved it all – I think Caroline was very jealous so we might be back to do hers

I want to say Thank you again and I hope that once I get in to the swing of it that I look as great as you do.

Best wishes,
Verena Edon

Dear Allyson,

It certainly was my lucky day when I met you at the FIND networking meeting in February. Our first session was at my home when you advised me on my hair style and carried out a colour analysis which was fascinating. The next session with style analysis was truly an eye opener for me and has totally reformed my way of dressing.

“ Allyson was truly inspirational. The colour and style analysis has totally changed my way of dressing. I now know what suits me and I enjoy experimenting by “mixing and matching” with the new clothes I have bought.

Allyson also advised me on my hair and the shorter, modern cut has made such a difference to my confidence. Everyone says how much younger I look! ”

Margaret Woods 18/03/09

Linda Lewis – Decorelle

I recently met Allyson at a network event in Durham to which I had been invited to as a guest. I was feeling nervous but was soon made to feel welcome by the other ladies, Allyson included. I particularly noticed how smartly dressed she was, everything perfectly matched!

After realising what she did I took up her offer of a consultation as I had been concerned about the image I presented since starting my business as a decorator and interior designer. I found the session fascinating and enjoyable: Allyson was friendly, professional and very aware of the effect the session had on me.

I am in the process of re-organising my wardrobe, which is fun, useful and therapeutic and have heard of two ladies have used the service on my recommendation. My confidence has improved and I have had positive comments about how I look now:

thanks Allyson

Maccine Hall – Designs Unique

Testimonial for Allyson McCourt

I am self-employed and run a graphic design studio with my husband and in his words I am the face of designs unique. In other words I go out to network events and meetings with our clients. I have total confidence in our ability to produce design and print to the highest quality and somehow managed to appear on the outside as a confident person. However, inside I felt awful, didn’t understand why on some days I could feel ok when others I hated going out. I had heard of colour therapy before but on meeting the people promoting this I didn’t have the confidence in them to help me and after all a colour is a colour right?


After meeting Allyson at a networking event I had a light bulb moment, I just knew this was what and who I needed, the thought of going shopping and instantly knowing what colours to look at and more importantly what not to look at just made sense to me. But I wasn’t prepared for the difference this would make to my life, I do not give praise lightly but I cannot recommend Allyson enough, I wasn’t told what colours to wear, but by going through the analysis with Allyson you see for yourself what colours suit you and why. You are given what I now call my shopping bible, which contains all the information you need to get it right, it goes everywhere with me. Shopping is now a pleasure.

As a bonus, part of my package was a hair style consultation and cut, WOW what a

difference that made, everyone has commented on how fantastic my hair is. As I start to build up my wardrobe with new colours, even down to simple items like a necklace, the positive comments I have received are incredible, I now feel confident inside and out and it shows.

Thank you Allyson.

Janice Ross – Janice Ross Marketing

“Allyson’s hugely enjoyable Colour and Style sessions have changed how I view myself, and interestingly, how other perceive me. Her superb knowledge and creative flair for style has helped me to polish my image to the point where I now receive lots of compliments – a wonderfully confidence-boosting result. After a lifetime of wearing black, I’m now loving having some beautiful colours in my wardrobe. I’ve even updated my Linked In profile photo!”

November 14, 2009

Gill Maine – Turnkey Solutions

“As well as being great fun to work with, Allyson’s expertise in style consultancy has saved me both time and money in useless clothes purchases when it comes to my clothes buying habits. I also have a much clearer idea of what looks good on me which impacts on my confidence when presenting in front of groups / attending meetings etc. Quite simply Allyson’s expertise has updated and refreshed my wardrobe approach!”

September 16, 2010

Irene Liddle – Maia HR Solutions

“I really don’t like shopping and Allyson makes shopping for clothes much more fun now. We agree in advance what items I need to add my wardrobe, and all I do is turn up and try clothes on that Allyson has pre-selected for my shape and colours and I buy what I like – perfect.”

September 16, 2010

Dorothea Leyfield – IMS Northern

“I requested Allyson to help me with choosing the best colours for clothing and accessories. Her expertise in this area was undoubted. She took time to try out different colour matches with me and the results were very pleasing. But that’s not all, Allyson gave me a colour booklet complete with tips and advice to take away with me and use as a guide when I shop for new clothing etc. It’s invaluable. I would definitely recommend this service from Allyson to all.”

Sue Finn – Gamelan at Work

“Allyson pays great attention to detail in her work. She has flair and is very good at finding out exactly what her clients need from her, whether it be style & colour consultancy or haircuts. I was totally delighted with my last haircut from Allyson – it was for my son’s wedding and she got it just right. I have no hesitation in recommending Allyson”

Lesley Renwick – Ella Consultancy LTD

“Allyson achieved the impossible when she got me to ditch a totally black wardrobe with the odd accent colour. She give me smarter, more professional look where black is still allowed but not to dominate. Thanks to Allyson I save hours of fruitless shopping time and can get a look to suit me in a fraction of the time. As a self-employed consultant time is of the essence but so is looking smart. This really works!”

Sarah Weightman – Glow Creative

“Allyson is a great, very friendly, easy to talk to, no-nonsense hairdresser & stylist!! I have recommended Allyson to others as well & I know they’ve been happy with the results.”

Lyn White – Reverse Therapy

“Allyson has revolutionised my wardrobe and the way I shop for clothes and accessories. I now feel confident when choosing colours and styles. I open my wardrobe and see lots of things to wear and they match. What a change and relief! I would recommend Allyson not just for her creative expertise but also for professional and compassionate approach.”

Kathy Manley- oct 2010

I was delighted to meet you and very satisfied with our meeting. I will defenetely pass your name on.

it has helped me a lot in what I could and could not wear and also it has given me more confidence in wearing certain things. It also helped me realised that I am no longer the shape I use to be and I will get in  touch after Christmas to have my colours done .

Dear Allyson,

Thank you so much for a very informative, helpful and very enjoyable morning.  It was a real treat.  I’m planning on weeding out my wardrobe tomorrow in the light, but am surprised that quite a lot of my clothes do match the colour tones you showed me.

I will not hesitate to recommend you to others ,

Best wishes

Amy Farquhar 19.02.2011

Claire  Mitchell

“I hired Allyson to help me get some ideas on my image. As the owner of a growing marketing agency, chairman of a business club and regular public speaker I was running out of ideas on what to wear to look good in person and on camera. Allyson helped me to find the colour palette that works brilliantly for me, and also helped me to work out a capsule wardrobe format that I can use time and time again. I would not hesitate to recommend Allyson; she really knows her subject and is very patient and friendly, and full of helpful advice. Girls – it’s not a treat, it’s a must!”

November 28, 2011

“I can’t recommend Allyson highly enough. The colour analysis and style consultancy she provided was professional and expert and highly enjoyable at the same time.”

November 27, 2011

Sue Nuttall – Jacana Limited


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