Printed Trousers are they for You?

As usual we are spoilt for choice this season when it comes to our trouser choices. Great for those of us who are certain of our preferences or like a bit of variety and change. Not so great for those of us who are a little hesitant or blow caution to the wind and try anything only to look in the mirror and see Andy Pandy staring back! (yes I can remember that far back!)

So one favourite for the s/s is the wide leg printed trouser. Lots of variety of prints to choose from, scarf prints, spots, stripes, animal you name it. You can see my point though short legs sporting wide flowing trousers in some of these just wouldn’t quite work in my opinion.

Make sure the stripes/patterns do their job and make your legs look longer than they are. Or the print is constant and not just in one area drawing the eye somewhere you don’t really want it.

Or if you’re still unsure wear the print elsewhere and opt for a printed jacket and plain trouser which could be much more flattering for you anyway.

Better still have a personal  style consultation and never worry again!

 Zara  H&M


~ by allysonmccourtstyle on February 20, 2012.

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