Party Dresses!

What’s your Style?

Well it is just about upon us, party season is almost here. For some of us it has already begun. Well not the partying exactly but I have put my christmas lights up this weekend. I do feel like I get a little earlier every year but I just can’t resist all the lovely twinkly lights greeting me when I come home in the evening.

I also can’t resist all the lovely sparkly party dresses that appear in the stores at this time. As much as I admit to being a trouser girl the majority of the time I am at heart a girly girl and I like nothing more than glamming it up for a good old-fashioned Christmas Party night or 2 or 3 or well invites are more than welcome thankyou!!!!

So I’ve been looking around to see what I fancy and what catches my eye. Will it be lace, long, short, flapper ,fur-trimmed? Oh the choices, the choices.

One thing I have noticed is that 2 shops I generally struggle to find anything in suitable for me personally really excited me this season. Next and Mango had so many choices I found myself wishing Christmas wasn’t quite so close and then I would have more time to wear them all.

Here’s a couple of examples….the first 2 are very 1920’s flapper style, perfect if you don’t have much of a waist as this style just skims over it.

    Miss SelfridgeNext

The next 3 are from Mango and all have 1 thing in common, very low front necklines! this style can look very classy or very cheap so be carefull. Personally I prefer to see this on the not quite  so well endowed lady.

Slash front Mango  Mango

Mango dress with fur jacket
Next we have some longer length dresses from “Next”…
Next longer dressesNext
Well after all that I eventually decided on a slash front, halter neck gold lurex Jumpsuit from River Island (as shown above), accessorised with ridiculously high gold sandals, a fur bolero and leopard print clutch! Well at least for the first party anyway!!!
remember if you’re not sure what shape/style to go for now is the perfect time to book a consultation and  ensure that you dazzle your way through the party season and well into the New Year.
Call now and book your appointment on 07725472827

~ by allysonmccourtstyle on November 27, 2011.

2 Responses to “Party Dresses!”

  1. I like the long blue one from Next. They also have a nice long green one in at the moment – but do you know that a green dress is supposed to be unlucky and you particularly must not wear one to a wedding!!

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