Are you a Colour chameleon?

Do you like to dazzle in bright colours or are you more of natural neutral kinda girl?

Do you love all the bright colours around at the moment?

Do you love to experiment and try to mix and match all the colours you love?

Does it work?

Do you look at other people and marvel at how they appear to get it spot on and you look like something thrown together fora fancy dress?

Well not to worry because they are probably aware of a few basic rules for correctly mixing and matching the correct colours and creating some harmonious combinations.

I’m now going to share  a few tricks with you and show you some examples and then put your new-found knowledge to the test so here goes….

Using the colour wheel as shown here …

You will notice 4 different terms, these are all different ways of putting together colour combinations. The first Triadic uses 3 colours from equal parts of the colour wheel shown here are yellow, blue and red.

The second monochromatic uses colour from the same shade to create a combination.

The third analogous uses 3 colours sitting next to each other on the colour wheel.

The fourth and last is complimentary, colours opposite each other on the wheel.

All these methods create complimentary colour combinations, all you have to do is decide which combination is complimentary to you and your particular colour characteristics.

Now I’m going to show an example of each, first up is analogous, followed by triadic, complimentary and  lastly monochromatic ….



So there you have all 4 examples now I’m going to add a few combo’s (including a trick one) and you can test yourself see if you can figure out which is which.

Remember if there are any other style dilemmas on your mind or you would like to know exactly what colours are the most complimentary for you don’t  hesitate book an appointment with Allyson at or call 07725472827


~ by allysonmccourtstyle on November 15, 2011.

2 Responses to “Are you a Colour chameleon?”

  1. This is like being given a homework assignment to do! I hope I get an A star – ha ha

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