Black Tie Ball!

A Chance to Dress Up!

Now what lady doesn’t enjoy the chance to go to town and really dress up? Are there any out there, very few I think. So when I was invited to Durham Business Club 30th Anniversary Business Awards just recently I had my chance. Better still I was going along to support my friend Janice Ross who was nominated for an award.

The only thing was I had NOTHING! I repeat absolutely NOTHING suitable to wear! If you believe that you believe anything but what the hell it was a reason to hit the shops.

So first stop was a favourite little vintage shop of mine in Newcastle called Attica…. Well what do you know the perfect little red dress, you would think it was made to measure. Not only that but it had such lovely detail at the neckline it didn’t even require a necklace ( what a bargain, how could I not have it). Now to find the rest of the outfit.

The trick with vintage is to bring it up to date, so off to find some accessories to do just that. First stop shoes and some really over the top gold sandals from Office did the trick. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to walk very far in them let alone dance but since when did dancing require moving your feet!!!

So nearly done now only the handbag remaining. Easy done ,a nice clutch in animal print and a skinny gold belt completed the look. Not bad going for an afternoon shopping the only thing left to do now was book my taxi and Cinderella would go to the ball.

Once there it was lovely to see all the different colours and styles of dresses, I love to see women express themselves and let their personality shine when given the chance to really dress up.

Then it was time for the awards and well that just rounded the night of perfectly Janice Ross and Peter Kerr @tyres2u both winning awards. If there was an award for loudest applause I think our table would have won that too.

Then it was time to leave the clock struck 12 and it was time for yours truly to head of home. One thing was for sure though I certainly wasn’t leaving one of my new gold sandals behind. Not even for a prince!!

So here we are in all our glory, don’t we scrub up well.



~ by allysonmccourtstyle on October 27, 2011.

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