Easy Seasonal Up Dates!

The Skinny Belt!

Some love them, some hate them! Some wear them on the hips, others on the waist! Some odd people like myself have even been known to wear them around the neck (ahem no rude comments please!)

What am I refering to? The belt!

The great thing about belts is their ability to totally transform the shape of a garment. They can emphasise or even create a waist. They can add some interest to an otherwise quite plain work outfit. The can update last years winter coat, jacket or cardigan.

The trick is finding one in the correct size/width to complement your shape and wearing it in the correct area ie hips/waist.

This year we are spoilt for choice for colour, material and size and shape. Everything from shiney metalics, suede, velvet, animal print, chain, rope. You name it it’s out there. Now, if like me you don’t want to choose from the multitude on offer and want one of each! (yes I have been called greedy on more than one occasion) well  let me tell  you, you don’t have too.

Take a look at this selection  all priced from £2.00 to £4.00 from our beloved Primark. So far I have one for every day of the week and I’m aiming for every day of the month! Working on the rest of the wardrobe too !!!!


~ by allysonmccourtstyle on October 19, 2011.

4 Responses to “Easy Seasonal Up Dates!”

  1. The world seems full of skinny belts at the minute, but I’m looking for a really nice wide one, but not boring black or brown – seems impossible to find – any ideas?

    • Skinny does appear to be dominating the stores this season, there are plenty wider ones still to be had though and definitly no need to stick to black and brown!!! I’m on your case, I’ll pick one or two or maybe three up for you. Just confirm this and I’m on it!!!

  2. I love how your updates are cheap and easy to do Allyson. Keep ’em coming!

    • Thanks Janice. As much as I do like a splurge every now and again I think our highstreet is brilliant for good quality and very reasonably priced clothing/accessories. There is no need to spend vast amounts of money just to look and feel good. We can all do it easily and enjoyably on a budget!!

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