All That Glitters!

Anyone who knows me well will be more than aware of my love for a little bling! Now don’t get me wrong that doesn’t mean I constantly walk about dressed up like a christmas tree but I do like to add a bit of gold here and there. So I was quite pleased to hear that this is a hot colour for A/W11. (NOT THAT I WOULDN’T HAVE WORN IT ANYWAY!!)

Hot being the key word here! Gold is generally considered a warm colour, so best suited to those with warmer complexions. Silver being more suited to cooler complexions. Well I’m a great believer in breaking the rules (I  always was considered a bit of a rebel), however you need to understand rules before you can bend them.

The  following pictures show  people who have successfully bent the rules and embraced gold beautifully. How have they achieved this? Well the amount of depth and shine and the fabric used all contribute to the perfect shade suited to their individual characteristics.

See what you think, it might tempt you to glitter this season.

Naomi Watts and Gwyneth Paltrow both looking cool in gold!!

Dame Viv herself, if she can’t do it nobody can!



Then you have The fabulous Beyonce herself who well lets face it when you look like that a brown sack would wear well and the crowds at Glastonbury appeared to agree!!


~ by allysonmccourtstyle on August 11, 2011.

One Response to “Goldfinger!”

  1. Oooh sparkly! Might see if I can work some silver into my outfit for the weekend. Thanks for keeping me ahead of fashion :o)

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