Bad Hair Day!

Repair your Hair!

Well I’ve just returned from a week in the sun and although all that hard work involving lying around the sun all day has done my stress factors and weary body wonders, I can’t say it’s helped the condition of my hair too much!

Frazzled, frizzy and sheep spring to mind… get the picture, it wasn’t looking to good.

On my return I promptly booked in to my local hair salon and very good friend Jen at Toni Guy/ Sunderland. Well she took one look at me took pity on me handed me a glass of wine (all part of the service, although I could have had orange juice!) And then got straight to work shearing me well I did say I resembled a sheep!

A couple of hours later and another glass of vino I was starting to feel more like my normal self when she then introduced me to what I will now add to my favourites list. This a list of can’t live without now, life saving products. Moroccan Oil I love you!!

this product is ultra light and instantly absorbs into the hair, nourishing ,strengthening and repairing the hair. Not only that  it also helps the hair dry quicker. Now when you have as much as Ba Ba Black Sheep that is a definite bonus.

For more information read all about it at and  to sample some of their treatments for yourself  head of to Toni and Guy you won’t regret it!


~ by allysonmccourtstyle on June 22, 2011.

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