Oscars 2011!

Who wore What?

Well I think we all expected The Kings Speech to clear up and it certainly did…has anyone seen that film and not raved about it? As pleased as I was though I must admit it was the clothes as usual that I was interested in. Was it going to be the usual parade of slinky black or nudes that we are accustomed to seeing or ….. oh the excitement is just too much!!!

Having viewed as many as possible I think I’ve come up with my favourites and also 2 not so!!! See what you think and if you agree.

  Mila Kunis looks ethereal don’t you think in this gorgeous lilac lace creation, so soft and feminine and dreamy ahhh!

 Michelle Williams looking elegant and yet retaining her youthful charm with the help of her lovely pixie haircut! charming

 Florence working the vintage look as usual and how well she does it too…loving the colour next to her hair and skin tone!

 God doesn’t she look great that dress just accentuates all the best bits and absolutely loving the hair!

Now for a couple who in my opinion didn’t get it quite so right….

   Melissa Leo appeared to be a little surprised to win and made a bit of a slip in her acceptance speech so maybe people will remember that rather than her outfit. I think it all looks a little frumpy and crumpled. Even the shoes are a too clumpy. Yes lace is big right now but not all over or in white….granny, net curtains uhmm.

 Rhea Durham is beautiful but I don’t think this does her justice at all, it’s all too closed up high neckline and high waist, no shape on show again very frumpy and unflattering and the small handbag makes her appear larger than she no doubt really is!

 I can only imagine how these women must feel when preparing for an event as big as this. They know they are going to be snapped and critiscised and hauled over hot coals for their choice of dress or should I say their stylists choice of dress, but all things taken into consideration I think I would be prepared to risk all that for just 1 opportunity to dress up in something as glamorous and mingle for the night…ah dream on Allyson!

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~ by allysonmccourtstyle on February 28, 2011.

3 Responses to “Oscars 2011!”

  1. Helen Mirren always looks amazing … I don’t think I’ve heard of any of the others, oh except Florence I suppose.

  2. Fabulous! You need to get yourself an invitation to attend the next time! Who do you know in the film industry??

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