Customer Service!

Do you love your job?

Well once again I was reminded today what it feels like to really love your job and the difference it can make to the people you serve. I was shopping, for amongst other things ,a replacement foundation. As usual I went along with the old one  to show the assistant and just renew it, possibly going a shade lighter or darker depending on the time of year.

Now many an assistant would just do exactly that replace it and I would be on my way. Not this lady , she looked at me and asked, ” What kind of look do you like?” then “How does your skin feel?” then and this really got me ” Are you wearing any make – up at the minute?!!!!!” Now I don’t like the heavy made up look I must admit but none at all, well obviously my usual foundation was no longer doing the job I thought it was. After a holiday not so long ago I thought I was still looking a little healthy shall we say (just to be kind to myself). But no this was not the case, as she so tactfully pointed out there was quite a bit of redness going on (sun damage and yes I do wear sun protection…. factor 50 on my face!) So she recommended a new product, Redness Solutions SPF 15 so year round protection too – very important, with probiotic technology (don’t know what that means).

She then went on to first of all let me feel it on the back of my hand just to make sure I liked the texture, not to heavy or light. Then after a few test patches to find the perfect shade she went on to apply it to my full face. Perfect result, yes I still had that healthy look only now for all the right reasons and with a nice even skin tone, which after all is what we aim to achieve with a foundation. So it just goes to prove my point, and what is that?

We all benefit from another pair of eyes from time to time especially a pair that are trained at what they do and so obviously love their job. So thank you to the lady at the Clinique counter in the Metro Center today for your time, expertise and TACT and for helping me to look and feel a little better!


~ by allysonmccourtstyle on February 16, 2011.

2 Responses to “Customer Service!”

  1. You always look lovely! Great customer service though. Looking forward to seeing you tonight at Network NE :o)

  2. thanks Janice but we all benefit from a fresh pair of eyes every now again. A great night at NNE once again, great money saving tips from everyone!

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