How do we find the Perfect Pair?

We are told that everybody should have a pair of jeans in their wardrobes. everyone and anyone can wear them, they are so versatile and can be glammed up or down, perfect for taking you from day to evening with a quick change of heels, top and jewellery! I personally don’t think 1 pair is enough it’s like shoes and bags can we have too many oh and tights  and belts and …… anyway back to jeans.

So why is it so hard to find the perfect pair for some people? Well  ask the question what do you want them to do for you?… lengthen your legs and lift your bum!!!! That’s not too much to ask for is it?  Course not  you just need to understand what style will do this for you and your particular shape, so here’s a quick guide to hopefully help you on your search and achieve those gazelle like legs and lovely pert teenage bum… oh happy days!!

Lets start with the, wait for it …don’t squirm SKINNY jean agghhhh!! I can hear most people saying does anyone other than Kate Moss and Sienna Miller actually look good in these. Well you don’t have to be stick thin but if you are you can wear these with virtually anything and look good. If not  then beware, if your hips are on the more voluptuous side you can end up looking like Max Wall. The width at the top tapering down to nothing at the ankle will make your legs look shorter, wider and at the same time your feet look larger… even in high heels. So this style is best left to the more boyish figures and just slightly curvy.

 Scarey Skinny jeans – not for some

Now for the tamer and much easier to wear version is the Straight Leg.  Great for everyone but especially petite ladies and short legs. They lengthen the legs as they are the same width all the way down from the knee. They don’t taper in or flare out at all!  If you wear them in a dark wash too they also slim you down. Add some heels ( making sure the hem comes down over the heel with no more than 1 crease on top of the foot) and BINGO longer slimmer legs.


Now the complete opposite to the skinny, the Flare Leg. Wider than the more traditional boot cut, these can be quite close to the knee then kick out wide from the knee down. Best worn by all you long-legged lovelies as the width can shorten legs slightly. Also good for those of us with curvier derriers and hips as they will balance the width out. Very in keeping with strong 70’s vibe coming through this season. High wiasted versions of these are lovely on all you hour glass figures.

 High Waisted Flare from

On to the Wide Leg now. This style differs from the flare as they are wide from the bum all the way down. They can look quite tailored so are  very versatile. Suitable for most shapes but short-legged ladies take care and ensure you wear them with heels, the width can shorten and broaden. Length is crucial, all the way down to the floor no flapping around the ankles… you will lose inches of your leg length and look ridiculous into the bargain.

 Wide Leg

And then there’s the good old Bootleg suitable and complementary to every body shape. Why is that then? Well they lengthen as they  aren’t too tight and remain the same width all the way down to the calf area where they gently kick out, giving the illusion of longer legs. Worn with heels very elegant and also slimming. A die-hard look that never dates.


There are also various fashion styles that come and go, at the moment a lot of Hareem styles around. These tend to be good for the more boyish figures as they add volume at the hip area. Boyfriend jeans are a very comfortable looser version suitable again for boyish figures and also curvier figures that don’t want to draw attention to the stomach area. Dress these styles up with heels.They also look good worn turned up to the slimmest part of the ankle, again with heels to create a very feminine look. Petites make sure they are not rolled up any farther or your legs will end up looking even shorter.

So a  few more factors to take into consideration before you head of,

Dark washed jeans will make you appear slimmer.

Fading and distressing should be in areas where you want people to look. So any around the top of the legs avoid, this will only make you appear shorter and wider.

Creases down the front of the leg lengthens not always very trendy but can look good on smarter jeans.

Pockets are very important, larger wider apart pockets will make your bum look smaller!!!!!!! and make sure they are quite high up too. Who wants a bum down behind their knees?

So there you have it my guide to assisting you finding you perfect pair of leg lengthening ,derrier lifting denims!

good luck and don’t forget anymore help and assistance in Identifying your unique Body Shape and Style give me a call on 07725472827 or visit and book a personal consultation with your’s truly.

Happy Shopping, Allyson


~ by allysonmccourtstyle on February 1, 2011.

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  1. Thanks for this Allyson – jeans have always been really difficult for me 🙂

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