The Ultimate Fashion Accessory!

Top it all Of!

The right accessories can make or break an outfit. The addition of the killer heels, the oversized handbag or the statement necklace are what help us put our twist on any outfit and make it our own. Also they  allow us to up-date last years wardrobe and keep it current. There is another accessory though of the up most importance and once we crack that we’ve got it made! What is it then ? Well it might sound obvious to some but not to everyone…. HAIR!!!

We can’t escape it, it is there all day every day, the first thing everyone notices about us. So how do we make sure our hair does us justice. Well we dress our face as we do our body.  Using the correct shape and colour to complement our natural features and  skin tone.

Over the years I have tried just about every shade and shape ( well I am a hairdresser). I’ve tried long and blonde,this was a firm favourite for a good few years, to short and spiky with red and brown slices. Experimenting is part of growing up and discovering ourself, it’s healthy and it’s fun. It can however lead to more than a few tears if the wrong colour choice is made. We have probably all wanted to try a colour/style that looks great on someone else and ended up resembling Worzel Gummidge ( although that would have been quite handy as I’m sure he had more than one head if I remember correctly!)

So how do we decide what shade and what depth to try without looking like a dirty dishrag or death warmed up.

 Here is a very quick guide to the perfect colour choice,

Look at the natural depth of your hair and if you want to go darker only go a couple of shades deeper then it wont look to false. Too dark and it could make you start and look older and a bit “grubby” too. If you want to go lighter remember the same rule, a couple of shades could look sun-kissed whereas platinum, well do you want black roots every 2/3 weeks?

 Very dark hair will always appear unnatural when lightened too much especially when combined with  darker skin. If you have  a very strong personality and want to create a real  impact though then this could be the look for you.

Platinum blonde and ashen shades look great on cool,porcelain skin, as golden tones would appear quite brassy making the skin look  yellow ( jaundiced  is a not good). Olive skin and/or warmer toned  skin  however would look quite dull so in this case opt for caramel and honey toned blondes. If you’re not sure what I mean look at Cameron below , her warmer, naturally brighter complexion comes alive with warmer softer tones.

 Cameron is looking very dull here with cool ashen tones. 

  healthy and glowing with warmer tones, the eyes really standout. 

Red hair looks fantastic on cool porcelain skin tones as does really dark hair. The contrast is striking just make sure you have some depth of colour in your eyes or eye-brows too!

If anyone is now  slightly concerned that they may get  bored if they have the same style and colour for years to come then don’t be. That’s where the true professionals and a girls best friend come in, who’s that?…… Our hairdresser!!!! 

Find a really good and passionate hairdresser and don’t let them get away. Just as we can up-date our outfits each season with a tweak here and a bangle there, your hairdresser will do that for your crowning glory. I’ve found my perfect colour/tone and  I play around with shape and placement with the help of my now very good friend AND  hairdresser Jen from Toni and Guy in Sunderland.

 2006/7       2007/8          2008/9        2009/10


So that’s my hair journey for the last few years nothing boring there eh! So is it time you looked at your number 1 accessory with a pair of fresh eyes? Have you got a hairdresser you trust?

 If not go people watching for good haircuts. Sit in a coffee shop etc and look for some stand out haircuts, then just ask them where they go, simple as.

Remember any more help and advice you may require regarding your personal style/image don’t hesitate to call Allyson on 07725472827

Gift vouchers are available for all of my services ideal for that special Christmas Gift!


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