What’s Your Style?

Perfect Colour, Shape and Accessories

Finding your true style and reflecting your personality can be quite tricky and something I think we develop and learn to master as we get older.

We are all guilty  at some point of blindly following fashion without thinking and asking the question, “Is it actually me, do I feel comfortable and most of all does it actually look good” ?

Once you understand the 3 simple rules to help you dress for you! Rest assured you won’t make these mistakes anymore and will then effortlessly always look and feel the way you want to….GOOD!

One of my friends  Janice who has done just that, is working a few of the season trends perfectly to suit her colour palette, body shape and personality. She has chosen a perfect trouser shape and combined them with a lovely layering and draping effect in some very flattering nude/neutral colours. All perfectly accessorised from hair down to shoes, I’m sure you agree she is ….. LOOKING GOOD!

 photo courtesy of Allyson Mcourt!

Don’t forget if you would like any extra help and advice take a look at the services I provide at www.allysonmccourt.co.uk and Discover Your Style just like Janice


~ by allysonmccourtstyle on September 14, 2010.

2 Responses to “What’s Your Style?”

  1. She looks lovely Ally, really like those trousers! x

  2. You look great Janice … I think it all really works and the trousers are I agree with you Lisa, the trousers are fab !

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