Latest Hair Invention

New Style Heated Rollers!

Well I wonder if the latest must-have invention in hair styling technology means the demise of the much-loved and can’t live without hair straighteners.

 Invented by Cloud9 the new state of the art heated rollers use induction technology…this means they get hot in the hair not in your hand. Very good for those of you who often end up with first degree burns from some heating appliances! They are also very light weight and do not need pins. (hair net optional, depending on who is in the vicinity and free to answer the door for you!)

 Well I’m all for trying something new and I like a bit of curl at the moment so I think I’ll give them a go.

OOOH and what are they called , nearly forgot to add that bit…Look out for TheO heated roller launching across the UK anytime now.

Bye for now,



~ by allysonmccourtstyle on September 14, 2010.

2 Responses to “Latest Hair Invention”

  1. ….Thanks will check these out Al – might give a ‘wave’ more gently than stretching my poker straight hair through straighteners. Same old same old ‘if it’s curly you want straight/if it’s straight…….

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