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Trouser Story!

Well after a season of lots of chiffon and flirty maxi dresses trousers are making a big splash this season. Don’t worry though if you struggle to find the perfect pair, there are loads of different styles and shapes to choose from.

Hareems are still going strong and even though most people think these are just for teenagers think again. Tall, short, thin and pear shapes can wear them! Honestly they don’t all have to sport crotches round the knees!

The soft fullness of the material can gently skim the hips of a pear shape while adding volume to those with a little less shape. Just make sure you emphasise the waist you pears and have no extra volume added by pleating. The addition of heels also works wonders giving extra inches to legs…always a good thing!

Now who can remember when boot cuts were invented… urhm sometime in the 90’s by urhm Tom Ford apparently (thank-you Elle Magazine). Well this shape is really making a big comeback and could be taking over from the little black dress this winter. Team them with a very feminine blouse and killer heels and you will look hot to trot!

Anyone can wear this shape, flat fronts and lower waistlines are more flattering for anyone worried about their stomach (I should know). High waist styles look great on curvy shapes also adding length to the legs.

For something a little more floaty and elegant or casual, depending on the material, try a wider leg. Taller people can carry this style better as the extra width can widen and shorten a person. Be sure to have a good look at your overall reflection in the heels you will be wearing them with.

Remember the rule “the wider the trousers the longer the length” practically touching the floor!!!!

For something a little different or for those of you who prefer to wear just one item, the jumpsuit is still big news. Lots of these on the high street at the minute and they will continue to be big right through autumn/winter. Lots of prints about if you really want to make some impact. The one below again is from Zara.

So all you have to do now is determine your likes/dislikes and find out what shape suits your body. Then shop, shop, shop!!!!

Happy shopping and remember

If you require anymore help or advice please call on 07725472827


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  1. I want to go out and buy one of each type right now! I’ve secretly hankered after a pair of harems for ages but wondered if I was too old – now I have your ‘permission’ so there’s nothing stopping me! Roll on my next shopping trip 🙂

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