Can’t Live Without Hair Products!

One item i can’t live without!

How many times have you been asked what one item could you not live without? I’ve always struggled to think of an answer. I think it’s quite hard to pick one unless you have had to actually experience doing without.

Well I had just that experience last weekend! I was travelling to Manchester to work at The Trafford Centre and had an uncanny feeling that I had left something behind. You know the feeling you get en route to airport?

Anyway on arrival at the hotel and unpacking I realised I had left a favourite hair product, never mind I thought I’m a hairdresser I’ll manage! OMG Poodle Hair…frizzy poodle hair at that! not a good look, even for poodles!

So in answer to the question, the one item I cannot live without is” Label M Curl Cream”. Anyone with slightly curly or frizzy hair or even a slight bend this is the product for you. A life saver.

 Label M Curl Cream


~ by allysonmccourtstyle on July 30, 2010.

One Response to “Can’t Live Without Hair Products!”

  1. I’m amazed at your latest post because I have had a similar revelation in my life – it’s Label M Blow Out Spray. I’ve used mousse of various types for (dare I say it) about the last 30 years. Recently I’ve struggles not to create the impression of wearing a ‘fat hat’ on my head. Lo and behold it was the mousse’s fault – along comes Blow Out Spray and I get the control but without the huge puff ball that has to be tamed with straighteners – fantastic!

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