Drape your shape!

draping is still big!

We all know that style is all about dressing to suit you and your shape and not being a slave to fashion. One trend though that is still very hot this season is draping.

I personally love all the soft, folded,asymmetrical movement that you get from this style. The beauty is you can play around  with the garments shape and pin and tuck bits to create you’re own piece and flatter your shape.

The folds and pleats hide a multitude of sins and we all have a few of those don’t we, but no-one else need know that! So go and have a bit play.

 The one pictured  below is from Vionet and rather pricey but there will be a lot to look out for on the high street very soon!

 photo courtesy of www.harveynichols.co.uk

For any wardrobe dilemmas and style advice go to  www.allysonmccourt.co.uk


~ by allysonmccourtstyle on July 22, 2010.

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