Summer’s arrived!

Allyson’s Hints and Helpers

Well summer is here or at least our long awaited holidays are just around the corner. This is the only time of year for me when the time can’t pass quickly enough to hop on that plane and jet of to sunnier climates!

However as appealing as that is for most people, the thought of having to track down the perfect dare- to- bare ally the SWIMSUIT!!! Is enough to take the shine off for a lot of people. So I’ve put together a few little tips to help you in your quest.

Now even though there may not be a lot to a bikini/swimsuit the right cut/colour/shape/pattern can help to downplay the not so good areas of our bodies and highlight the best. And I personally think the less material involved the more help we need! What do you say girls?

 Well many companies these have caught on to the fact that our bodies are not perfectly proportioned up and down. So now sell tops and bottoms separately making it much easier to get a perfect fit. So how do we choose? Here goes…..

Hipster bikini bottoms are perfect those who have long legs and a short waist as they sit just below the natural waistline. (lengthening the waist while not taking away from the legs)

String bikinis are perfect for petite ladies; add a little padding in the cup for extra shape.

 Bandeau style tops, racer backs and halters all help your shoulders appear broader…ideal for any pear shapes! Vertical stripes in the briefs are a perfect combination! (narrower hips and wider shoulders).

Vertical detailing in the form of a V at the front of the bottoms helps to make the tummy appear flatter especially with added ruching.

Higher- cut briefs will add inches to your pins!

Tankinis are a perfect alternative to the one piece offering a little more coverage than a traditional bikini while at the same time allowing you to flash slightly more flesh!

A one piece is perfect for those of us concerned about the stomach area or if we want to create curves.  Ruching is fantastic for hiding any bulges and is also very fashionable right now… think 50’s. Team this with some dark panelling at the sides of the suit and an hour glass figure emerges.

For those who are slightly more endowed choose flattering halter necks and plunging necklines…but make sure you have broader straps and under-wiring for support!

Colour plays an important part as does pattern and material. Use darker shades on areas you want to slim and brighter shades where you want to enhance.

All over patterns prevent the eye from settling on any one area and larger prints attract more attention. Details and accessories i.e. beading, belts, ties bows all attract the eye so make sure these are in the area you want attention drawn to.

Phew!!!  Well I know that appears to be a lot to digest but it really is worth the effort  when the time comes to drop that towel poolside!


Don’t forget though to buff that body to perfection before you head of.

EXFOLIATE! MOISTURISE! Then apply gradual – tan body lotion applied a week before and you’re hot to trot down that beach!

A personal favourite of mine is Bush Essentials Body Scrub  leaving the skin all tingly and fresh smelling ready for the moisturiser a perfect base for the application of your false tanning product! 

If you require anymore help or advice please call on 07725472827 

Gift vouchers available – ideal as presents call to order now 07725472827

Once again best wishes and happy shopping,


Allyson McCourt Style Consultancy,


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