Sales, sales, sales!!!!

Allyson’s Hints and Helpers 

Sales, sales, sales!!!

 Love them or loathe them we can’t escape them at the minute. Everywhere we look we see signs and posters to lure us inside stores telling us about the massive discounts, 50% reductions and genuine bargains to be had.

Now we all love a bargain but how many times have we thought we’ve made a good purchase then never actually used it or worn it? We arrive home with arms down to our ankles under the weight of these so-called bargains. We empty the bags with a smug look on our face thinking of the money we’ve supposedly saved. Then we put them all away and strangely enough never get them back out again. Unless it’s to look at them and cry ‘WHAT WAS I THINKING’.

Well that could be nothing more than an annoying memory if you follow some of my ‘How to Bag a Bargain’ guidelines.

Rule number 1

Breathe, slowly and steadily! I know it’s very easy to get over excited when we see lots of shoes, bags etc , etc but we need to have a clear head to bag a true bargain and that doesn’t happen when we are hyperventilating.

Rule number 2

Try and have a good idea of the items you would like to buy before you leave the house. Then you won’t be tempted to buy anything unnecessary (it’s not really a bargain then, is it?)

Rule number 3

Only be prepared buy something if it fits you. Sounds obvious, eh? Not so, most people at some point have bought clothes just because they were in the sale. It doesn’t appear to matter that it was a size too small. Logic and common sense can at times like this elude us.

Rule number4

Did you see it in the shops before the sale started? Is it a genuine reduction? Or has it just suddenly appeared out of nowhere. I never fail to be amazed at some of the items that end up on the rails at this time of year. Yes it is cheap, but ask yourself why?

Rule number 5

Do not be tempted to buy just because it is designer and half price. Unless you saw it before the sale couldn’t afford it and have been dreaming about it ever since.  Just because it’s designer does not mean to say it is always nice.

Rule number 6

So you see something you genuinely like, it’s on your list. Good start. Now go back to rule 1 and then, do a check list of the following,

  1. Is it your size?
  2. Is it in a good colour for you?
  3. Is it in a shape/style complimentary to you?
  4. Do you have at least 2 other items at home you can team it with? (It’s not a bargain if you then need to go hunting for something to match).
  5. Try it on if possible

 If having successfully completed all of the above, make your way to the very harassed sales assistant and make your purchase. Then go and have a well deserved cup of Costa with that smug look on your face, knowing that this time you really have bagged a true bargain. 

Happy hunting and remember

If you require anymore help or advice please call on 07725472827 

Gift vouchers available all year – ideal as presents call to order now 07725472827


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