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  Well January is here are you as fed up of sales as I am? Are you sick and tired of fighting your way through crowded shops trying to choose presents for everyone else? Yes it’s that time of year when there appears to be nothing left in the shops but a few tired looking sequined dresses. It’s a long time before it will be warm enough to wear anything other than our winter woollies (where is all the snow coming from, enough now please!). Yet we still want to treat ourselves to brighten up the next couple of dark months.

So what can we invest in at the moment to treat ourselves that will stand the test of time and not feel like an unnecessary indulgence? 

A good bag!!! A classic is definitely worth the hefty price tag they sometimes carry as they can last you for years. If this is the case make sure you buy one in a basic shade to match your overall colour scheme. However that said a larger bag in a brighter colour will definitely make a statement and look great at this time of year really lifting you outfit and also your mood.

So what style to choose? Well one of three really (or all 3 if you’re anything like me)

Everyone should have a good structured day bag. This is the one worth spending a bit more on – large enough to fit all those essentials in (like the kitchen sink).

A casual easy to use go anywhere bag – think boho chic!

And a nice evening bag – from a classic clutch to match over the top flamboyant evening wear. Or a more embellished exotic type to liven an outfit up.

So where to look for these little gems… well if it’s designer chic you are interested in without the hefty price tag take a look at www.handbagstildawn.co.uk

Here you will find such names as Anya Hindmarch, Chloe, Balenciaga, and Prada. Did I say without the hefty price? Yes that’s right because you can actually hire your bags here. So if you want to dress to impress at some special occasion this is the way you can do it.

However if you want to use the bag on a regular basis… most of us do!   Some really lovely, good quality and very individual designs can be yours to purchase and cherish at www.karinasbags.co.uk see a few of the gorgeous examples below


 Another great site is www.satinsandsilks.co.uk  again some very unusual and individual designs using sumptuous materials and gemstones aswell as some being ethically sourced. The examples below also come in a variety of colours


So if you fancy a spending spree without venturing out in this cold weather you can ,quite easily ,only problem is…. which one do I choose?

Well if you’re not sure on colour, size or style. Which one matches your wardrobe or lifestyle?

 Call 07725472827 to book an appointment with Allyson and Work Out any Wardrobe Dilemmas you may have. Gift vouchers also available.

visit  www.allysonmccourt.co.uk 



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