Allyson’s Hints and Helpers

 Would you like to look like a celebrity this summer?

Where is this going I can hear you all say? Well I ‘m talking about sun glasses that all important summer and for some all year round must have accessory.

The perfect pair can complete any outfit and make us look as mysterious or cool as any celebrity out there. However get it wrong and well Dame Edna!!! Need I say more?

So here it is my quick guide to finding the perfect pair of glasses to frame your perfect features.

Step 1.

Too many shapes and sizes to choose from? Is it very confusing?

 Look at the shape of your face first. Take all your hair away and really examine your face shape. Is it oval, round, long, square? If you are more angular than round it is advisable to try a softer edge to compliment your face shape rather than mimic it with anything to harsh and square. If it is rounder try something more angular. (Think Oliver Hardy, round on round – not a good look!)

Step 2.

Size is very important. If you have delicate features you don’t want to overwhelm your face so  try a lighter frame, maybe wire instead of chunky plastic. Also if your face is quite large a slighter larger heavier frame will help balance this. A smaller shape will make your face look larger still.

Step 3.

Do you want to make an IMPACT? You can do this with size. All accessories can be worn “over- sized” to create a real statement. The same can be said of sunglasses. However make sure they are no wider than side of your face, then they lose the effect you want and will just look too big!

Step 4.

Colour now. This is very important. The colour must compliment not only your complexion but also your hair and outfit. Firstly are you suited to warm shades? If so choose brown and bronze effect frames and tints. If you are cooler in colouring, then opt for silver, cool pinks and blues. If you are quite fair choose a lighter shade nothing to overpowering. Darker skinned/haired people can choose something a little heavier.

As for matching you outfit well it’s a bit like shoes really isn’t it. Can a girl have too many? The beauty is though there are so many inexpensive good quality sun glasses on the high street you really can have a few favourites to match different moods, occasions and outfits.

 If however you can blow the budget take a look at the examples below from 

So there you have it a simple guide to help you achieve that sophisticated Riviera look even if you are just holidaying in England this year you can do it in style!

Don’t forget any clothing dilemmas you may have call 07725472827 or visit 

 Once again best wishes and happy shopping,


Allyson McCourt


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