July’s Hints and Helpers

Allyson’s Hints and Helpers

Summer is upon us, at least some days it is. There have been a couple of days lately where it has been possible to venture out bare legged and sleeveless! Sadly it doesn’t happen that often. Fear not though ladies because there is one item on the high-street that is just perfect when you need that extra layer and it is so versatile that it suits all body shapes.

“What is it”? I hear you cry….. It’s the Waterfall Cardigan!

  modelled here by yours truly


So what is about this humble garment that makes me recommend it so highly?

The pure versatility of it and the many ways it can be worn to completely transform an outfit.

No matter what your body shape you can wear one of these, try some of the suggestions below

1. Worn loose as I have above – the back is shorter than the front so it gives an interesting hem line at the same time the legs appear longer from behind. The longer front also draws the eye down away from any dare I say (tummy bulges)!

2. Those of you with lovely waists wrap the longer front sections around and tie at the back, creating a lovely wrap and really drawing attention to that wasp like waist. Perfect for curvy figures.

3. Night time glam, tie one side up and secure with a nice broche leaving the other side loose. Lovely worn with dresses but also adding a bit of glam to a simple pair of jeans.

4. Drape both sides loosely over the top of each other and create a soft cowl effect (again great for hiding the stomach). Pin on the inside or simply tuck the ends into your waistband.

There are so many variations of this item on the high-street at the moment, long sleeves, short or sleeveless. With materials in cotton, wool or silk and so many different colours available, you are simply spoilt for choice.

So go on ladies treat yourself, just make sure you buy a colour you like that also like’s you!!! Remember that famous quote from Chanel

“The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you.”

Then wear it in confidence, knowing you look and feel you’re very best.

Find out your most flattering colours and understand your natural body shape by calling Allyson on 07725472827

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Once again best wishes and happy shopping,


Allyson McCourt



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