Allyson McCourt Style Consultancy

Welcome to Allyson McCourt’s Style

I have had a full and varied career from working in salons, establishing my own business, to teaching hairdressing in colleges. I have witnessed time and again the impact a new hairstyle alone can have and so decided to take this wealth of experience and add to it with new skills as a trained Image Consultant. As a member of the International Federation of Image Consultants and a founding member of the Association of Stylists and Image Professionals, along with my experience and my professional training, I am now in a position to help people understand and identify their own style preferences.

Clients will be offered a range of services, including colour analysis, personal styling and hairdressing, that will not only give a whole new insight into the styles that suit them best, but which can also bring a new-found confidence.

For more information please view  My Services or call 07725472827 or for enquiries go to



5 Responses to “Allyson McCourt Style Consultancy”

  1. Hello,
    Just been looking at your web and its really good! some good tips on there as I am clueless ha! Hope your ok and speak to you soon
    Joanne x

  2. Hi Allyson

    The website is fab, this is just you and great you are doing it. With me just having a baby and hitting 30 im in desperate need of a style consultant. xxxx

    • Hi Vicky,

      Thanks glad you like it. What do you mean hitting 30..thought you were still 29? Anyway looking good girl and so is Ava she’s gorgeous. Keep looking in and I’ll try and keep it interesting for you.

  3. Thanks for keeping me looking great Allyson!

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